USSR the first world power which launched a satellite into space

When the world was busy with many essential works, then USSR was exploring a new way of invention. There were several aspects and several questions that the human minds were searching for a long time. But it is hard to find the answers. But a fact of human nature is to explore unknown things to […]

When the world was busy with many essential works, then USSR was exploring a new way of invention. There were several aspects and several questions that the human minds were searching for a long time. But it is hard to find the answers. But a fact of human nature is to explore unknown things to find answers of many unknown facts. One such initiative was taken by the USSR or the previous Soviet Russia. By launching the first satellite into space, USSR proved their technological ability. At the same time, it forced other advanced countries to create initiatives to explore more new things.


Today you can acquire much information regarding the satellite, and even it is now easy to explore so many things very easily like you can fix the time of launching depending on the weather and many other crucial factors regarding space. But in 1957 it was not possible to gather all the information very easily. Even a lot of effort, intellect and calculation were done to avoid all kinds of hazardous problems while launching the satellite. So, it is true that USSR really proved their eligibility and efficiency in technology.

Facts regarding the first satellite launched by the USSR:

About the launch of the satellite:

It was a great step by the USSR to launch the first satellite into the space that is Sputnik 1. Sputnik is the Russian word which means “satellite.” The 184-pound satellite was launched on 4th October in 1957. This satellite is called as the “Elementary Satellite.” This satellite was placed into the low orbit of the earth.

Achievement of the human civilization:

It is a fact that Soviet Russia spent a lot of time to prepare the ground to launch the satellite. Even scientists of the USSR provided their best effort to explore the beauty of the space journey through satellite. The first satellite, Sputnik 1, is a great achievement of the human civilization.

Introduced a positive competition:

With the launch of the first satellite, USSR introduced a new competition between the powerful countries in the world. It is said that the hunger of the invention is the key to discovery. Truly, Sputnik 1 did that job very beautifully. After this launch, many countries in the world developed their space agency and proved their ability into space technology. And the biggest benefit of this competition is that human civilization has achieved a huge development in their life. With major changes in several areas of the human society now the human world can solve almost all the difficult problems.

A vast change in communication system: 

One great achievement that the Russian satellites explored is that it developed the communication thousand fold. When the Russian authority first launched Sputnik 1, then it was not an easy task for them to provide modern sensors. But still, their space technology helped to collect information regarding the most important ionosphere and the upper atmospheric condition of the earth. And also this initiative reveals many unknown ways that ultimately brought very fruitful and positive result.

The history already proved that the first world power that is USSR had created a great history and the whole world till today is using their achievement for the discovery of the new space science.


Your mobile phone can be located by satellite

You are living in the modern age, and it is not possible for you to ignore the importance of the modern technology. The invention of the mobile phone or the cell phone is one such great example of the modern technology. With a new kind of technology, you can perform a lot of activities easily in your daily life. One such thing is the tracking of your location through your cell phone or mobile phone. Many times it happens that you are traveling to a remote place or an unknown distant area, now with the help of your mobile phone you can track your own location and at the same time you can identify your required destination. Even it can happen that you misplace your mobile phone, now you can track it through the mobile number tracker system. And the truth regarding the GPS system is, it is connected to a satellite. In a word, satellite actually helps to locate your mobile phone very easily.

The process to locate a mobile phone through satellite:

Download application: If you have a mobile phone of the current technology, then go online and try to install the GPS application. There are several different applications regarding the GPS system, and you have to choose the perfect one to avail the GPS service. Now, after installing the application, your mobile phone will turn into an easily tracking device. The key fact is after installing a GPS related application; your phone will send a signal to a GPS satellite, and the satellite then sends back the signal to the specific receiver, which in turn create the actual location on the map with the help of the internet.

Must support the navigation system and other facilities:

    • It is necessary to have a proper and very useful application that can help you to provide the best GPS service. A good application not only helps your device to be a tracking unit, but at the same time, it helps you to have a beautiful navigation system simultaneously. Some software even gives you an audible direction step by step. Even you can add this system to the internet browser, so that whenever you open the browser, you can easily track your mobile phone.

  • Some other applications provide you the GPS service by recording your traveling way. That means the application records the road that you have already covered. And you can share this recording with your relatives or friends so that you can easily be tracked by them. Actually, this application can hold a recorded history for a month, and your relatives can see it later to identify what way you have actually acquired to reach the final destination.
  • Currently, some modern applications are equipped with some advanced modifications. They can provide more data than the ordinary software and even provide the latitude, the longitude and the altitude of the moving phone. It ultimately helps you to create a connection between the map view and the satellite images. That means you can see the actual images of the satellite on your phone.

So, these are basic ways that are useful to track your mobile phone using the satellite.


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